NTS-Leader LLC.

NTS-Leader ltd. is the independent Russian oilfield services company, the largest member of the integrated services OCTG market and oil recovery enhancement.

NTS-Leader started its history in 1990, when Neftetruboservis (NTS) - Research and Development enterprise, established on the basis of the West-Siberian branch VNIITneft, developed a technology for tubing wear resistance improving and started to provide maintenance services to oil companies.

Currently, NTS-Leader takes the lead in the integrated oilfield services for tubulars and OCTG repair.

Developing its main ideology - to provide high-tech services to oil companies, reducing costs of oil production - the company annually expands the range of service offerings. Today, among the services provided by the company - integrated oilfield services for tubulars, OCTG repair, oilfield equipment repair and servicing, oil recovery enhancement, well rates polyphase measurement.

The company's effective business model includes Scientific Research Institute, Machine-Building Plant, repair and service companies. It provides Revealed Comparative Advantage for NTS-Leader.

Annual investment in development, high intellectual and technological potential allows the company to develop new technologies and equipment modernization. Vertical integration makes it possible to respond rapidly to oil companies’ requests, minimizing the process from research work to equipment and technology infusion into production.

NTS-Leader geography covers Russia's oil regions, former Soviet Union and other foreign countries.

We work with leading Russian and foreign oil companies.


  • focusing on resource-saving technologies and economical efficiency for the customer;
  • high competence, well-deserved reputation and many years' experience in Oilfield Services;
  • a systematic approach to the problems of oilfield services;
  • innovative solutions, patented technologies and equipment its own production.



  • 25 years in oilfield services market
  • more than 2,5 thousand employees

OCTG repair

  • 18 automated stationary and mobile plants for tubing and pumping rod diagnosis and restoration, receiving inspection of casing.
  • More than 24 million tubing pieces have already repaired by NTS technology.
  • More than 3 million pipes – annual repair.
  • Every 3rd Russian tubing repaired by NTS technology.
  • Up to 200 round-trip operations - tubing durability renovated by NTS technology.
  • 602.6 million rubles a year - oil companies’ annual savings to maintain the fund of 1 million tubing pieces by using NTS repair technology.


  • More than 10 tons per day - an average oil-production rate increase after impact RAI-NTS technology.
  • 5786 tones – the average incremental oil production per 1 RAI-NTS operation.
  • 19 months – average duration of the effect after RAI-NTS impact.


  • Direct flow rate measurement in the online mode.
  • 10 minutes is sufficient for accurate oil production rate measurement throughout all phases.
  • Measuring accuracy with a small amount of free gas or its complete absence.
  • No more than 2 hours is required for the installation and commissioning metering station UMZG.