Tubing length measurement and marking

Tubing length measurement and marking unit in mobile plant

Tubing length measurement prior their marking is essential operation as part of the pipes is supplied to the section after defective pieces cutting-off. The installment provides high accuracy measurement tubing length, measurement error - no more than 0.1%.

Tubing marking is produced by SPM on the pipe outer surface with a capacity up to 30 characters / min. Tubing length measurement and marking section is fully automated. The data for marking (length, strength group, repair date and other on the agreement with the Сustomer) comes to the section from automated control system (ACS) of the plant. Marking is formed by individual points on the depth of 0.25 ... 0.3 mm. Quality tubing marking provides a visual reading of letter-digital inscriptions in the turnaround time. Unit's capacity - up to 35 tubing per hour.


  • identify each pipe in the turnaround time;
  • implement tubing automated accounting on-line: to be fully informed about the characteristics of each tubing, its condition and location at selected time moment;
  • perform automatic packaging tubing hangers in a repair shop at Customer's request;
  • make decisions on new pipes procurement on the basis of objective statistical information;
  • optimize tubulars flows.