Oil recovery enhancement

NTS-Leader offers physical, chemical and combined methods of oil recovery enhancement

NTS-Leader provides services to enhance oil recovery by physical, chemical and combined methods reservoir stimulation. As main methods of increasing oil recovery index, NTS-Leader offers reactant activation impact technology (RAI-NTS) and pulse-wave stimulation (PWS).

RAI-NTS and PWS technologies for oil recovery enhancement assist the involvement in the work producing formation with low permeability areas that were not previously involved in deposits development. This leads to deposit surface efficiency increasing by water flood influx and oil recovery factor increasing. After treatment, increase injectivity of injection wells is accompanied by conformance control. Increase in oil-production rate of producing wells take places as a result of water-cut reduction and increase fluid flow rate.

RAI-NTS and PWS - well acclaimed modern methods of oil recovery enhancement, showing high performance even on complex and highly watered fields. However, in some cases, good results can be achieved by more traditional methods, such as oil well stimulation using bottom-hole formation zone processing by acid compositions. NTS-Leader's analytical department careful study of geological and physical conditions of oilfield allows choosing the optimal technology to enhance oil recovery for a particular object, which is a success guarantee of the stimulation and achieving a high oil recovery index.

Service subdivision of NTS-Leader's Oil recovery enhancement department aims to make the services the most profitable and convenient for customers. Using NTS-Leader technologies do not require any significant adjustments to the planned technological process of oil production. All works on the injection wells are carried out by a service subdivision without maintenance crew involvement. Producing wells processing are carried out with participation of well production maintenance team during running repairs.

Reservoir stimulation is carried out using special equipment developed and produced by NTS-Leader. Equipment and technologies of enhanced oil recovery are protected by patents. All the equipment is certified and has permit for use in oil and gas industry.