Coupling unscrewing

Coupling unscrewing machine for tubing couplings screwing-on and unscrewing

For tubing couplings screwing-on and unscrewing in automatic mode, NTS-Leader experts have developed a specialized coupling unscrewing machine. Predetermined clamping force is sufficient to ensure that the pipe was not turned in the machine clamps. Coupling unscrewing machine construction and set torque allow carrying out unscrewing operations without damage and collapsing the pipe outer surface and coupling.


  • tubing nomenclature - 60, 73, 89, 102 and 114;
  • maximum spindle torque, nm - 15000;
  • coupling clamp - mechanical, cams;
  • tubing clamp - mechanical, cams;
  • clamp and coupling rotation drive unit - electromotor;
  • tubing clamp drive unit – pneumatic actuator;
  • coupling unscrewing section productivity, pipe / hour - up to 33.