Social responsibility

To be a socially responsible for NTS-Leader means not only certainly comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and other countries where the company operates. It also means to achieve your business goals while taking care on the environment, society, improve working conditions of employees and be engaged in charity. We feel it is important to be not only professionals, but also fair and active members of society. Therefore, the company determines its moral and ethical guidelines and follows them in business development.

NTS-LEADER ecological policy

With the introducing new technologies the company pays special attention to their ecological compatibility and the impact on the environment.


RAV-NTS technology that is offered by NTS-Leader is one of the most environmentally friendly in the oilfield services. Unlike other technologies that use large-volume reagent injections, in applying RAI-NTS into the oil reservoir is pumped minimum amount chemically safe fluids, without harm to the environment. Further activation effect on the bottom-hole zone does not break seam structure, does not lead to fracturing and increasing water-cut and does not cause risk of penetration the borehole fluid into aquifers.

NTS-Leader uses resource-saving technology of tubing repair that maintains the maximum possible tubing length, minimizes process waste and extend the pipes' overall life.


Tubing steam gas-dynamic cleaning installation

Tubing steam gas-dynamic cleaning installation was designed to meet requirements of environmental legislation relating to air pollution. Discharges to the atmosphere of steam gas-dynamic installation are below the maximum allowed limits. This is facilitated by several factors:

  • The temperature of steam gas flow is designed for melting asphalts, resins, and paraffins without inflammation and discharging the combustion products into the atmosphere.
  • For fuel can be used casing-head gas that, in addition to providing a more complete fuel combustion solves another important environmental problem - casing-head gas utilization.
  • Steam gas-dynamic installation has a system of multistage separation and combustion products absorption and exhaust gases, that is almost completely cleans emissions.


Mobile plants for tubing repair, developed and actively used by NTS-Leader, are distinguished by lower power consumption compared to pipe yards with similar production capacity due to design features. In particular, the transport line for pipes moving is brought out, and heating is connected only to the containers with workplaces and technological equipment.


In the workshops for OCTG repair requiring water consumption, water recycling is used.


The principle of "zero discharge" is implemented on the all company's production facilities that eliminate the ingress of industrial wastes and pollutants in water resources. Waste undergoes intensive multistage treatment and recycled. The company constantly modernizes the equipment, reduces development of harmful factors, applies modern resource-saving technologies, increases the operation efficiency of power distribution system and water resources. NTS-Leader's production capacities are automated plants with elements of flexible production, in which the process control takes place via Automated Process Control System that is an important factor reducing the accident risk.


Awarding the competitioners "Best in the occupation". | The company's senior personnel at off-site training session.

NTS-Leader's social policy includes programs and activities focused on improving the social protection and workers' professional growth.

The company has a system of personnel training and retraining. If necessary, employees are sent to the second and related occupations training, professional seminars, conferences and training courses. A compulsory training of new employees before work permit. Develop and encourage the buddy system.

Periodically there is a professional skill competition "Best in the occupation", following the results the winners receive material remuneration and memorable gifts.

The company shows respect for the staff and provides material support to employees in hardship. The company also uses encouragement for anniversary and holiday dates. In the regional production subdivisions to employees are paid meal allowance. In addition, the company subsidizes canteens at the production facilities in order to maintain low prices. At birth, marriage, death of family members, workers are given additional paid leave.

The company continues to create jobs in the presence regions, helping to increase employment level of the local population.


NTS-Leader's staff meeting with the foster childs of the asylum Voznesenskogo Orshina convent in January 2016

Since the late 90s, NTS-Leader provides ongoing support to Voznesenskogo Orshina convent and orphan asylum. The monastery of the XIV century, which is located in Orsha village Tver Region, considered as one of the oldest in the province. After the revolution, it was closed, and by the early '90s, he was almost completely destroyed. The monastery revival began in 1992, by efforts of several nuns, and they set up a convent orphanage for girls without parental care in 1996 - Orthodox children's social rehabilitation center "Rodnik". The nuns have taken care of children and provided them with all conditions for full spiritual and physical development. Girls live in comfortable rooms, study in Tver Diocesan School, attend hobby groups and sections. Company NTS-Leader is among those who took an active part in the fate of the children and the monastery. The company financed the monastery restoration, the Ascension Cathedral renewal, the construction of an orphanage, school buildings and monks' cell. NTS-Leader continues to make regular donations to ensure monastery life and help children.