Tubulars movement accounting

Automated accounting system for tubulars and pumping rods

NTS-Leader has developed and applies a system of automated accounting for tubulars and pumping rods that allows receiving full, timely and accurate information on tubing movement, pumping rods and elements of pipe strings in the online mode and ensures twenty-four-hour information support of the process.


  • a unified system of information at all stages of pipe circulation;
  • current and complete information on the pipes status and location, defects and process waste at any time;
  • comprehensive control for the expenditure tubulars and pumping rods;
  • reducing potential losses tubing through the entire manufacturing chain of tubing movement in oil production;
  • control the size (quantity, weight, length) pipe bundles at all stages of displacement (entry = exit + defect + waste);
  • bundles selection for loading vehicles, preparation of the accompanying transport documents;
  • reduce the cost of obtaining management information and increase the speed of decision-making;
  • information transparency about the work and the actual labour inputs of service subdivisions