Tubing thread ultrasonic treatment

Ultrasonic treatment threaded elements of tubing sent to repair allows to restore worn thread, preserving pipe length and increasing their durability many times. Ultrasonic treatment new tubing thread significantly increases their turnaround time.

Powerful ultrasonic vibrations form a layer on the thread surface with thickness up to 20 mm with flat-topped surface microrelief and increased microhardness. Moreover, the integral properties of the metal, including a strength group, are not changed. This differs ultrasonic modification from other processing techniques such as thermal, which can lead to metal embrittlement.

Treatment by formative ultrasonic tool improves pin thread and tubing coupling geometric conformity that increases the actual contact area of the threaded pipe sections, the specific pressure and frictional force decreases in these areas.

Machine for ultrasonic treatment of threaded tubing elements


  • recovery up to 70% of threaded connections;
  • increasing the durability of the pin thread and tubing coupling;
  • thread connections strength at the bend;
  • thread profile accuracy;
  • tightness of threaded connections tubing string.

The use of ultrasonic recovery tubing threaded elements technology with preserving their length and an increasing turnaround time reduces the oil companies' costs for maintenance tubing fund.