Integrated oilfield services by tubulars

NTS-Leader provides oil companies with integrated services for the maintenance of oilfields by tubulars on the principle "Single contractor." The company performs the full range of services related to the diagnosis, repair and storage of OCTG, complete set and passportization of tubing hangers, delivery - moving out pipes to oilfield and accounting the pipes and pumping rods in the online mode.

Pipe sites, coordinated by NTS-Leader's regional monitoring services, work around the clock to provide uninterrupted service for oilfields by tubulars on a principle "just-in-time".

Engineering support ensures compliance with operating procedure of tubing, tubing-hanger complete-set in accordance with oilfields characteristics and customer's requirements. Among the NTS-Leader proposals - organization sectors visual- instrumental monitoring directly to the oilfields that significantly reduces the volume of pipes, wrongly sent to repair.

NTS-Leader's integrated oilfield services by tubulars lead to oil companies' costs reduction and increase operational efficiency of pipe fund.


  • a single contractor - a single responsibility centre;
  • operational coordination between single contractor and oil company;
  • logistics costs reduction by eliminating duplication of operations and reduce vacant runs of special vehicles;
  • comprehensive control in real time and tubing movement accounting through a single automated accounting system;
  • external supervising appointments reduction.