Tubing hydraulic pressure test

Pipes hydraulic pressure test at stationary and mobile plants for tubing repair

Tubing hydraulic pressure tests with coupling screwed and attached are performed at pressuring installations, embedded in automated line for tubing repair. NTS-Leader develops and applies various modifications hydraulic pressure tests installation with pressure from 30 to 75 MPa. Hydraulic-pressure test up to 75 MPa is required, in particular for tubing used for hydrofracturing.

At pressuring installation is realized original engineering solutions, which, along with use of advanced composite materials provide a reliable seal installation and warranty service life of the equipment up to 5 years.

In contrast to existing analogs, compact tubing pressing installation produced by NTS-Leader company can be used not only in a pipe control shop, but also in mobile plants for tubing repair. The installation capacity is up to 24 pipes per hour.


  • automatic test cycle;
  • proof pressure indication on the operator panel;
  • automatic clamping of test results and saving them within the tubing operation warranty period;
  • CCTV system, allowing to monitor the pipe during the test, behind protective wall;
  • recycling water system;
  • compact sizes.