Pulse-waved impact

Oil recovery enhancement by pulsed-wave impact method

Pulse-wave impact technology (PWI) - is one of the first technologies offered by NTS-Leader for enhanced oil recovery. PWI refers to physical EOR, wave methods group of enhanced oil recovery. The main purpose of PWI - increasing oil recovery index by introduction to development reservoir compartment with low-permeability.

The technology is based on bottom hole formation zone treatment by pulsed elastic waves. Pulse wave impact is carried out from injection wellhead. Low-frequency elastic vibrations create waves that spread for hundreds meters, stimulating low permeability areas, intensifying the filtration processes and improving formation permeability. Engaging significant non-draining previously interlayers determines PWI high efficiency.

Bottom-hole zone processing by pulsed-wave impact increases injection rate and producing wells productivity.

NTS-Leader has been successfully applying PWI technology for enhanced oil recovery since 2005 in primary and late stages of field development. PWI can increase production rate of extracted product and optimize the costs of oil company, where using more expensive methods of enhanced oil recovery is not profitable.