Well rate measurement

UMZG and UMZ - multiphase metering stations

Automated multiphase metering stations UMZ by NTS-Leader can be used both as an individual measuring unit - to measure individual wells performance, and as a measuring group unit - for well flow rate measurements at multiple well platform of oilfields (using wells switchover unit).

UMZ differs substantial advantages in comparison with counterparts represented in the domestic market. Most domestic metering stations, phase separation of liquid-gas mixture occurs in accumulative type separators. Recently installation introduced based on "without separators" methods. Both measuring units have a number of drawbacks.


  • unprofitability use on marginal wells due to duration time of measurement procedure, depending on separator filling speed;
  • impossibility of recording the sudden changes in flow rate due to the cyclic measurements;
  • impossibility of carrying out liquid flow rate measurements in the absence of free gas or its small amount, because the measurement is made by displacing the liquid mixture by free gas.

  • flow rate definition by not direct measurements but indirect methods;
  • high demands for personnel qualification;
  • radioactive source using within some metering stations;
  • high cost.
  • A multiphase metering station UMZ by NTS-Leader does not have such disadvantages, through using cyclone type separator, design features and using modern high-precision instruments.

    In UMZ installation takes place a ceaseless gas-liquid flow separation and direct measurement of flow in real time. UMZ allows producing actual measurement of marginal wells production and providing a real picture of processes in the well. Installation guarantees measurement accuracy all gas-liquid mixture phases even in the absence of free gas.

    Polls wells and implementation of measurements in all gas-liquid products phases occur at intervals not more than 1 second. The measurement results come in on-line mode. This forms a large amount of data, sufficient for a full and objective operation analysis of well dynamic, which is especially important, for example, during cyclic field exploitation, implementation hydrodynamic monitoring and other research work on the fields. UMZ software provides the function of averaging the derived parameters, the time period is determined by the Customer.

    UMZ output interface is MODBUS protocol, allowing easy integrate into existing telemetry system. The measurement results on wells productivity are displayed on operator panel in the instrumental compartment and can be archived, transferred to both wire and wireless communication to a remote computer or copied to removable media.

    The installation can be used as a group. In this case it is supplemented by the wells switchover unit (NTS-BPS) included in complete package UMZG installation. For obtaining averaged figures from one well 10 minutes is enough (or other time period as agreed with the customer), after that wells switchover unit switches UMZG to the following well cluster measuring.

    During the day, each well can be polled by measuring group unit dozens of times, which gives an objective picture of the daily changes in well rate in the field.

    In the installation uses domestic components that directly affect its value.


  • crude oil mass flow rate, tons / day - from 1 to 100;
  • the value of oilwell gas volume flow rate , Nm3 / day - up to 12 000;
  • water-cut measurement range, volumetric % - 0 ÷ 100;
  • working pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2), no more than - 4.0 (40);
  • limits of permissible relative error in the measurements (in accordance with GOST R 8.615-2005),%, not more:
    • mass and average mass of crude oil flow - ± 2.5;
    • volume and average volume of oilgas flow - ± 5;
    • mass and average mass of dry oil flow, depending on volume content of reservoir water:
      • from 0 to 70 % – ± 6;
      • from 70 to 95 % – ± 15;
      • over 95% - in accordance with the measurement procedure;
    • installed power, kW, not more than - 11;
    • the number of connected wells, depending on installation type construction - from 1 to 8;
    • weight, depending on modification, tons - 1.5 to 7.


    • well rate continuous monitoring in real time;
    • measurements high accuracy, independent of gas presence in the multiphase flow;
    • the possibility of account associated gas dissolved in liquid;
    • possibility of using both as an individual and a measuring group unit;
    • possibility of using for research works on the well or testing other metering stations;
    • reliability and simplicity of design;
    • durability due to stainless steel installation basic elements;
    • exclusion of formation asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits on the separator walls due to special heating system;
    • easy to use, requires no special technical personnel qualification;
    • compactability.

    UMZ is the base model, and on its basis can be created the installations for any ranges of well production rates, as well as mobile installations.

    UMZ installation is certified and has permission for application in the oil and gas industry. Technologies and equipment are protected by patents.